About Counselling

You have probably read a lot about counselling in looking for someone to talk to, but what will it actually mean to sit in a room with me?


It means I will listen to you with acceptance and you can bring whatever you want to talk about, even if there are things that you don't want to talk about for a while; until you trust me. Importantly it is perfectly normal to be nervous meeting a new counsellor for the first time, but I offer a safe space to explore whatever you need to.

The first thing we will do is arrange an initial up to 50 minute meeting where you can tell me some of what brought you and I can explain a bit more about how counselling works. It is also a good opportunity to see what it will be like for us to work together. If you feel that you would like to continue then you can commit then or go away and think about it. To get the most out of counselling then committing to a regular weekly slot has been proven to be the most helpful no matter what type of counselling you decide to pursue. Then we can go through some paperwork which includes contracts, boundaries, confidentiality and fees.

My fees are £35 for 50 minutes, however I offer a reduced price depending on circumstances and a rate for students of £20 per session. You can also pay for a block of 6 sessions for the price of 5!

The Fathers service is a cost of £25 at the new Fulford centre.


I describe myself as an integrative counsellor, working from a person centred perspective. This means that I use a number of different types of counselling theories in my work, depending on the issues brought to counselling and most importantly what feels right for you, though this does mean there may be gentle challenges to your ways of thinking.

I am originally from a Town called Bray on the East coast of Ireland. After I came to the UK in 2000, I worked with people with Learning Difficulties in various roles including as an advocate, working in the community and working on different consultancy roles. I also worked with the NAS as a group facilitator for people on the Autistic spectrum in social settings such as pubs. When that work finished I trained as a counsellor with NCS and BACP accredited course provider Network counselling training in Bristol.

I have worked with people with:

  • anxiety

  • autism and relational difficulties

  • depression

  • anger

  • abuse

  • various disabilities

  • sexual issues

  • gender related issues including non-binary

  • work related issues

  • relationship  and family problems

  • low self esteem

  • loss and bereavement

  • guilt and shame

  • life changes

  • illness

  • spiritual issues