Privacy Notice


This sets how I manage and safeguard your data. 


Your contact and all identifiable details, along with a unique code, will be stored on the contract in a locked filing cabinet and destroyed 7 years after your counselling sessions end for insurance purposes unless agreed otherwise. I keep brief notes recording the themes of our counselling sessions with this code to indicate who it is. These anonymous notes are stored on a password protected encrypted online service – unless you prefer me to do handwritten notes – in which case they will be stored securely.


Your contact details will be kept for 3 years and then destroyed unless agreed otherwise. Any emails, texts, WhatsApp messages or other communications will be deleted when we are finished working together unless they form part of your notes or are needed for income tax purposes in which case they will be kept for 7 years as above.


Your telephone number will be stored on my mobile phone under your initials or first name and initial until your sessions end at which point it will be deleted. If I change telephones then your details will be deleted on the old phone. All paper notes will be confidentially shredded. All online data will be deleted by a specialist software programme.